Flugel is a fun-loving Chicago group made up of drummers playing different instruments. Their style merges ultra-rhythmic 80's drum machines with genuine song writing. Tommy Moore, the group's frontman, transforms his home-recorded songs into hi-fi hits with the help of Kyle Therriault (drums), Michael Grathwohl (synths), and Tibor Tapiansuri (bass). Their 2022 EP, "Little Room", was written entirely in Tommy's closet studio during the pandemic, and brought to life by producer Packy Lundholm of I Fight Dragons. From an isolated room emerges a story of love going backwards in time, accompanied by 808 drum loops, sparkling guitars, wide-panning synths, and melodic bass lines. Flugel has graced the stage with local legends Little Church and Family of Geniuses, as well as touring acts Donny Benet and PREP.